The family operated company Bahlsen from Germany has been producing sweet biscuit products of premium quality for over 120 years. The company with a market leading position in Germany exports its products to more than 80 countries. In Hungary the Bahlsen products are available in the assortment of Maresi Foodbroker Kft.: Hobbits, Hit and Leibniz biscuits, and also the premium quality Bahlsen biscuit boxes can be found on the Hungarian market. 

Hit is a sandwich biscuit of Bahlsen liked by the consumers the most.

Hobbits is a fine crispy biscuit with oat flakes and wholegrain wheat flour as main ingredients. Because of the wholegrain ingredients we highly recommend this product to everybody who is keen on healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

Leibniz Butter is the first product by Bahlsen which has been produced already for over 100 years exactly from 1891. This biscuit is not only delicious but always fresh and crispy thanks to its butter content of 12% and other ingredients of great value.
Leibniz Minis biscuit is considered as a real specialty among the sweet biscuits. With the launch of this product Bahlsen established the category of sweet snacks, as light meals for home and also for outdoor and spare time activities.

The brand of Bahlsen itself represents high quality, but among its products the chocolate covered biscuits in box are considered as top premium products due to the high chocolate content and the exclusive packaging.

On the Hungarian website of the brand one can find further information about the products, actual tastings and promotions.


Sweet Biscuit Products Of Premium Quality

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