Now renowned as the world’s leading brand of olive oil, the Bertolli tradition began in 1865 in Tuscany. In the small town of Lucca, Francesco and Caterina Bertolli opened a trading shop underneath the family home, where they sold olive oil. 


In the years since that first store, Bertolli has grown into an international brand. But as much as Bertolli has grown, some things have stayed constant. Passion for perfection doesn’t change – olive oils remain not only Bertolli’s most famous product, but also the best-loved ones.

As being an essential part of the Mediterranean nutrition, olive oil is the key to simple pleasures which is offered by the Italian way of dining and life.
Olive oil embodies Italian lifestyle, simple pleasure of excellent food and good company enjoyed in the warm Italian sun. With just a few drops of olive oil, Bertolli makes your everyday dishes to gastronomic specialties.

The secret of BERTOLLI is hidden in the blend of carefully selected olive oils. This guarantees the special flavour and excellent quality of BERTOLLI. The company insists on its tradition and indulgent manufacturing process for over 140 years. And this can be tasted in every bottle of best quality BERTOLLI olive oil.


The No.1 Olive Oil Brand Worldwide

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