Iglo was launched in Belgium in 1956 the first time and captured the market of other European countries step by step. Now Iglo is the biggest and best-known frozen product group in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Portugal. In Austria the brand awareness of Iglo is 98%!

The essential requirements of the success are the continuous research and product development for offering such products which meet the requirements and needs of the consumers the best. Iglo takes the effort every day to extend its product range and to improve the quality of its services. Therefore a great number of new Iglo products appear on the market every year. During these efforts the quality and security of the products and also the flavours responding to the needs of the consumers are the first aspects by Iglo. 

Naturalness and freshness are essential at Iglo; therefore its products are made of selected materials, without artificial colouring agents, aromas and flavour enhancers, taking care of the origin of raw materials, and also of the strict quality and food safety standards.

Iglo offers not only frozen vegetables but frozen fish and poultry products. 


Fresh, Fabulous, Everyday Food.

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