B&G was founded in 1994 in Perugia. It produces and distributes high quality food products of iconic freshness, superior taste, originality and practicality.

Its dynamic nature and ability to quickly adapt and respond to customer demand are the key strengths of the company. It takes pride in making products that combine top quality (taste, aroma, safety, and constant quality) with ease of use (practicality, convenience, affordability, constant availability, freshness and long shelf life, functional and innovative packaging).

The B&G headquarters in Perugia house its administrative, sales and logistics offices as well as its production and packaging plant.


Limmi lemon juice

Limmi is THE lemon juice, the only one without seeds.
It comes from the very best, specially selected Sicilian lemons, picked only when their ripe and at the peak of their flavour. You can count on Limmi to make any dish come alive with freshly squeezed lemon taste. Keep it on hand at all times to quickly enhance your grilled entrees, fried fish and meats, savoury and fruit salads, tea, beverages and cocktails.

Limmi lime juice

Juice from a green, pulpy, slightly acidic and very fragrant citrus fruit that originated in South America. It gives any cocktail, long drink or beverage an extra “twist”, and grants a tropical flair to white meats, shellfish and salads. This is real lime juice, always fresh, ready, and best of all made by  Limmi.savoury and fruit salads, tea, beverages and cocktails. 


Limmi – the always fresh citrus juice.

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