Austria with its fascinating hills, green grazing grounds and fertile soil is home of the best agricultural products for a long time. You can meet one of these every day: Maresi, the legendary delicious coffee milk. Its origin is as unique as its success story since 1955.
Secret of its success is hidden in the consistent brand development. Maresi Original was launched in 1955 – in its specific glass and with the blond pigtailed girl on its label.

World of Maresi: one small part of Austria with its beautiful natural conditions. Products of Maresi (Original, Light and Organic coffee milk, UHT milk and ice coffee) are healthy and natural. You can feel that they are produced with the milk fresh from alpine cows grazing in the most fascinating environment, and immediately processed. The Original and Light coffee milk is condensed on natural way to the half, while no preservatives and other additives are added.


MARESI coffee milk makes black coffee golden brown, its secret is in the whitening power of Maresi. 

Why does MARESI coffee milk colour black coffee unique golden brown?

During condensation fat-, lactose- and milk protein content grows to the double. This double fat- and protein content gives the strong whitening power. Due to this double protein content and the sterilization only a few drops of coffee milk make coffee golden brown.
As you need only a small quantity of MARESI coffee milk to flavour your coffee, it remains hot longer!
The traditional coffee creams contain 10% of fat, but only the half quantity of protein. Therefore you need more of these for flavour and colour your coffee.

Why does MARESI coffee milk taste so typical delightful?

Maresi’s typical flavour is given by the double protein- and sugar content and by becoming caramelized during condensation.
Thanks to the double protein content and the lower fat content in comparison to coffee creams, fat does not separate out – no fat drops can be seen on the coffee’s surface – as the protein molecules emulsify the fat molecules, i.e. form an insoluble mixture!

The glass of Maresi…

Do not forget about the handy glass of MARESI Original! The glass contains several portions of coffee milk, and everybody takes from it according to his own taste. The neck of the bottle is specially formed, this is why coffee milk does not drop out during pouring and does not remain on the neck of the bottle. The screw-cap can be easily put back, does not stick and can be opened again. Coffee milk cannot get on the outside of the bottle, it is hygienic, esthetical and the milk can be preserved longer.


Maresi Is Spirit Of The Coffee

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