Siviero Maria

Siviero Maria is not only an ice cream brand, but is also Italian tradition and culture, in a product described in the best way by its original Italian name „Italian gelato”.

Siviero Maria it’s produced by G7, an Italian family company, the only company in the world which produced original Italian gelato in high volumes, and at the high standards  from any Italian gelateria. Ingredients are carefully selected from Italy and foreign market, filling and decoration and handmade so each product is unique.

G7  was the first company which adopted in 1990 transparent packaging, so all consumers can see the creaminess of the gelato and especially its pastry decorations.

Siviero Maria it’s available in Hungary in different packaging: 500 ml Sorbet and 1 L family pack milk based ice cream.

Depending on the flavorings the products are gluten free and without preservatives, colorings and hydrogenated fats.

Exporting to more than 55 countries around the five continents.

Siviero Maria a family passion for traditional Gelato making.

Siviero Maria

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