Tante Fanny

Tante Fanny was registered in Austria as a brand and simultaneously the first fresh dough was launched on the market in 1999. It is available in six countires with a wide range.

The ready to use fresh dough is streched and rolled onto the backing paper in the packiging which just has to be rolled out and flavored in the kitchen. The aim of Tante Fanny is to give pleasure not only when enjoying meals, but also when preparing them, therefore they put a great emphasis on creative cooking and the smart way to use of the ingredients.

Tante  Fanny  fresh doughs are universal and suitable to every kitchen, every flavor whether it’s sweet, piquant, salty or spicy food.

Thanks for the different size packages everybody can find the fit one from the single household to the large family.

Tante Fanny – Smart cooking

Tante Fanny

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