Freiberger GmbH Germany,  have need increasing  in 30 years from a small local pizzeria with only 20 employees, to one of the worldwide liders between the producers of frozen pizza and pasta;  and it is today supplier for clients all around the world.

Today Freiberger means over 2000 employees in 5 production units and in warehouses, have a production capacity of around 2.5 million pizza and pasta per day, produced by 1400 different recipes.

Alberto – premium brand of Freiberger – an Italian successful story with unlimited potential, an umbrella brand which include a selection of 13 pizza recipes, 4 delicious baguettes and 7 tips of pasta.

Pizza Alberto is produced by original Italian recipes, as in an Italian restaurant, stone baked, and using only selected ingredients. Stone oven baked pizza is a novelty introduced by Freiberger in 1995, an worldwide successful concept for producing pizza like in any Italian pizzeria.

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