ARDO has been “preserving the most precious gift of the nature”, the company motto since more than 40 years.

Founded in the 50s as a farm for the vegetable production in Ardooi, Belgium, Ardo is opening in 1977 also in Ardooi, first factory to produce high quality frozen vegetables, for both retail and catering sector, understanding very well that frozen vegetables are the future. Today, Ardo has 14 production and packaging units in 8 countries, with a production capacity of more than 600.000 tons of vegetables and fruits, sold in 54 countries.

In the catering sector needs for stability and safety are the most important issues. And Ardo, trough the products quality, stable prices, constant deliveries all around the year and safety of the products offers the solution.

Retail market is in permanent evolution, following the changing in the lifestyle and consumers needs, and Ardo is coming with solutions, new innovative products.

Based on the increase of the demand for ecological products Ardo is now market leader on this category all its Bio products are made according with all guidelines of the international ecological companies.

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