Started in 1949 as a pastry shop, Freddi Dolciaria becomes industry in 1968, expanding even more markets and products till to be nowadays one of the leading manufacturers of cakes in Europe, with a daily capacity of more than 150 tons.

The Company is located in Castiglione Stiviere, in the North of Italy, between Milan and Venice, in the surroundings of Lake of Garda and the production, certified HACCP, ISO 9001, IFS and BRC is developed by four plants. These are authorized by the Italian Health Ministry to produce medicinal cakes (gluten-free).

The quality control system is very strict, all ingredients are premium choice and packaging materials are chosen in order to guarantee the maximum protection.

Logistic is developed under the concept of maximum flexibility. Goods are delivered within one week from the order and the consignment is guaranteed all over the world, also for small quantities. A large range (33 items) allows facing all the different targets of taste and price in the market.
Freddi brand is distributed worldwide. National distributors are weekly supplied, guarantying freshness of the products. Freddi booths are present in mainly all the food shows in the world, assuring a high popularity to the brand.

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