Iglo is no.1 brand in Europe in frozen food market and the most popular food brand in Austria, with over 40 years of success.

For Iglo naturalness and freshness are the most important elements. Therefore, for any product they are using only selected ingredients, no added artificial colors, artificial flavors or flavor enhancers, paying attention to the origin of raw materials and maintaining the highest standard of quality and safety of food.

Iglo history begins in the years 1912-1915 when Clarence Birdseye a scientist, observed during an expedition effect of deep freezing on preserving of the fish. In the 50s Birdseye launches frozen fish fingers  “no bones, no skin, no smell " the fish that children loved. Today in Europe are sold 5 boxes of  Captain Iglo fish fingers every minute.

Iglo focus is divided between vegetables, fish and chicken products;  for each market Iglo create a mix of products to suit consumer tastes and needs.

In 2010 Iglo launched the first level of a program called "Forever food" to support the environment, wanting to provide healthy food to a growing population and forever.

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